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3 Tips for Purchasing Triple Net Properties

If you are searching for new investment, you might wonder where you can find Triple net property for sale. The entire process can seem overwhelming, especially if you have never invested in commercial properties before.

However, there are many resources available today that educate potential investors. This allows them to better understand the process of triple net property investment and successfully navigate the market.

Searching for Triple Net Property For Sale

#1 Location, Location, Location

During your initial search for a triple net property, it is important to always consider the location. There are two types of location categories you will want to pay attention to.

First is the physical location. Properties that are located in upscale or commercially developed parts of town are higher traffic areas, attracting more customers.

For instance, is there property you are considering located in a shopping center? Or perhaps it is located on a corner lot near a larger grocery store. Either of these qualities is a great potential investment.

Secondly, there is geographic location. This essentially means checking the region that surrounds your investment property. Is it experiencing a high-growth rate? Is the population growing substantially year-to-year?

There are benefits of purchasing a property in a highly populated area. However, it is also good to note those locations that might see eventual growth. For instance, a small town that is along an interstate could offer more traffic than you might think. Especially if yours is the only grocery store or pharmacy/drug store for miles around.

#2 Choose a Property that Houses an Essential Business

Most triple net investment properties will house businesses like grocery stores, pharmacies, discount stores, banks, and clinics. These are great investments because they are essential businesses. This means that they will provide a relatively stable income for you for the duration of the company’s lease.

Customers rely on grocery stores and discount stores to buy food and household goods. Banks and clinics are also places that customers go on a semi-regular basis. When you purchase a triple net property that houses any one of the above businesses, you are making a sound investment.

#3 Consider Hiring a Triple Net Lease Advisor

If you find the triple net scene a tough one to navigate, consider hiring the assistance of a professional triple net lease advisor. A triple net advisor can help you understand the market and select an investment property that suits your budget.

These advisors will give you the benefit of their years of experience. This includes offering insight into the longevity of certain types of properties and their specific location. The combination of location and property type can make all the difference in the success of your investment.

Choose NetLease World for Your Triple Net Property Search

If you are searching for a triple net property, check out the listings on NetLease World! You can search listings with ease by narrowing your search through convenient filter options. Give our office a call for more information about our property listings!

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