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How to Manage Money Wisely and Make a Profit: Features of Investing in a Triple Net Lease

How to Manage Money Wisely and Make a Profit: Features of Investing in a Triple Net Lease

Financial literacy is known to be a step to success and strengthening of stability. If you understand the law of currency, you have an opportunity to multiply your income. Keeping cash in your wallet is unlikely to be the best idea. Nowadays, investment in properties is becoming increasingly popular, covering many people’s interests. Warren Edward Buffett, an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, said: “Never depend on a single income. Make an investment to create a second source”. What is the most trustful way of investing in properties? Let’s find out.

The world of investments: Why are investments in properties the most profitable?

Property investment is the investment in a real estate object for future income. The principal value of real estate is “eternal usefulness” (real estate is always needed in one or another form of business and by the population, although the price fluctuates). Moreover, you can be a legal entity, create a sole proprietorship or continue the previous owner’s business. A significant advantage is that you are independent in using the rented building and dispose of it as you like for your benefit. In fact, properties always keep their price tag, and if the value decreases, it is imperceptible. Later, the price is sure to jump up again. Thus, such investments will always be profitable and stable and have an advantage over others.

Profitability and simplicity: why triple net lease properties are gaining popularity among investors

In today’s world, many real estate investment methods are available to everyone. Buyers are looking for genuinely beneficial options for business development, preferring the purchase of properties. The issue of safety and reliability also remains relevant. Among all variants, triple net lease properties are the top of favor in this brunch.

NNN properties: how such an investment can become a booster of your income

Triple net leases are not as complicated as you might think: triple net leases, also known as NNN leases, are arrangements in which the tenant is responsible for some or all of the ongoing expenses of the office space in addition to the base rent. In a triple-net lease agreement, the lessee, not the lessor, absorbs most of the costs. The deal includes the following points:

    1. Basic fee


    1. Operating expenses


    1. Insurance


    1. Use of property


    Use of common area

What will you get investing in a triple net lease?

NNN base rent is known to be relatively cheaper. The lessor, as a rule, is only obliged to perform a few services, except for maintenance, under the lease agreement. The lessor is also not responsible for the operation, so ownership becomes very easy. The tenant remains independent in making decisions.

The source of passive income.
NNN leases are often preferred by tenants planning to set up shop for business. With no vacancies, property owners can focus on generating income and other investment opportunities instead of hiring tenants. Some people also worry about a decrease in profit due to inflation, but this is usually not a problem, as NNN contracts allow for a slight increase in annual rent.

Clarifying all conditions
When two subjects sign a contract, they know the lease terms for the entire period. It gives an idea of what the rental income will be for one year to the end of the period. All rent increases are also specified in the contract and known to everyone at once. It means a stable and reliable income stream for investors. As a result, default or bankruptcy is very rare.

When using an investment-grade tenant in a long-term net lease, there is less chance of rental defaults. It provides an opportunity to sell for an amount that returns capital and profit. Usually, the expected and actual gain of the tenant also coincides, which is promising for further growth.

Long-term leases
Depending on the type of property, it is common to be leased for 10, 15 years or more. Landlords and investors are confident that they will be able to earn rent significantly longer.

How to avoid getting lost in a triple net lease offer: a resource that will definitely help you.

Although the sphere of NNN is known to be relatively easy to understand, there are a lot of pitfalls. Moreover, there is a wide selection of real estate on the market, but the difficulty lies in choosing a truly promising investment at an affordable price. Buyers also often face price speculations, as a result of which they lose a significant part of their capitalю
The NetLease World website will definitely be an assistant in choosing real estate for investment. Here you will find properties for every taste: from cafes to health care services. Choosing a triple net lease has become more accessible thanks to filters, which consider criteria. On the website, you can mention the preferable:

    1. Location


    1. Sector


    1. Purchase price


    1. Cap rate



All offers are accompanied by photos of the property and an assessment of the price fairness compared to others. For the letter of intent, you need to put down the purchase price, earnest money deposit, due diligence inspection period and personal data.

To invest or not to invest, that’s the question.

Many people do believe that investments seem to be complicated to understand and work with. This myth must be destroyed because it is easier than it initially looks. Although it is likely to take some time to figure out, you will be satisfied with the result.

Three golden rules of this procedure:

    1. 1. Understand the specifics of your investment by carrying out research on this brunch. You should understand what your money works for


    1. 2. Put down your investment expectations. It is desirable you make up a plan of future goals to check whether it is worth doing.


    3. Evaluating the project’s success in the near future. It would help if you understood that investments are not short-term. In order to get profit, they must be perspective and actual.

In conclusion, NNN is a great and relatively stable investment opportunity. Lower prices and complete independence in business are these strengths. A website “Netlease World” will make your choice better because buying is easier than it seems.

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