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What is a NNN leaseback?

What is a NNN leaseback?

At times owning and managing property is not the endpoint. To achieve wishful investment goals, it is not necessary to possess realty. You may control your real estate and profit without its actual holding. Such opportunities are available due to leasing, especially sale-leasebacks.

A sale-leaseback is a perfect decision if you want to boost the overall cash flow not negatively affecting your daily income. It stands for the arrangement providing assets sale by the owner with further leasing to the initial possessor.

Considering different sale-leaseback options, NNN one is doubtless a win-win. This deposit type will suit both novice buyers and experienced people in business as a passive investment chance with a stable income and high market profitability. Still, what is a NNN leaseback?

It is an agreement where the company or proprietor that is selling the property still remains to maintain the building in quality of tenant. When the arrangement closes, the company will sell properties to investors and return to space leasing according to NNN lease terms, thereby getting to be the lessee.

Entering a NNN sale-leaseback, you will become the owner of a prospering business with lasting, reliable tenants and minimum responsibilities. A rent fee is set in keeping with years-traced profitability and predictable figures forecast. Moreover, further rent growth is fixed, so a landlord, as well as a tenant, may determine upcoming profit. Commonly, a NNN sale-leaseback provides financial stability and a low-risk policy with a credible yield each month.

Purpose of Sale Leaseback

It may be a basis for commercial lessees to perform expansions in the future. Such options often mean commercial realty directions like multifamily buildings, office spaces and retail areas that are of immense popularity, among other property suggestions.

NNN leaseback ensures financial advantages for both parties within the transaction. The owner sells the building to the purchaser and then does its repeated leasing, usually on a lasting lease arrangement.

NNN Leaseback Strategy

The given strategy is a superb solution for investors who strive to keep the profitable business with no building possession where they house. It makes it possible for a depositor to hold on to the business while leasing, thereby releasing realty-related investment capital. In most cases, a leasing company becomes a purchaser allowing you to lease spaces back, and the rest belongs to other investors renting properties back to the salesman.

Such a strategy promotes improvement in the cash flow for sellers. When an immediate need in working capital arises, NNN leasebacks ensure you with money for the building control and requisite equipment for work performance.

Is a Sale Leaseback a Worth Doing Deal?

No doubt, this agreement will be an advantageous one for depositors aimed at cash stream and rapid capital. Investors often find it as a perfect way to make properties sale speedy and trouble-free so they may go on with other projects simultaneously while having an opportunity to hang on to the business housed in the ownership.

NNN Leaseback Pros and Cons

Everything in our life has two sides to the coin; the same is with NNN leasebacks. The salesman and the tenant change roles, so they should carefully think about risks and benefits before making up their mind to make an arrangement. The following drawbacks and advantages list will help define crucial things to consider within a commercial realty sale-leaseback.


Cash Stream

The NNN leaseback may enable the purchaser to get rental fees from the salesman-lessee who makes their business performance in the building. It will considerably reinforce the buyer’s cash stream.

Ownership Profit

As soon as the purchaser possesses properties, they get assets benefits after the lease term finishes. When these terms come to an end, they may give the building for leasing to another lessee, possibly raising the rent fee and their income flow.

Increasing Capital

The seller’s chances of rapidly receiving proceeds are pretty high, which serves as the reason for the purchaser’s liquidity and freeing up accessible money. That way, the salesman may use this cash for some other purposes, still saving the asset use.

Efficient and Approachable Financing

Most of the time, salesmen’s expenses are significantly smaller than financing options. So, it can form the most inexpensive choice for plenty of corporations.

Greater Selling Price

Commercial realty NNN leasebacks often reach greater selling prices than completely unoccupied buildings. It can also be a good ground for negotiating lease terms and rental rates.

Financial Liabilities Absence

Typically, sale-leasebacks have a relieved-liabilities policy for the salesman-tenant.


Market-Connected Risk

The realty cost can tend to diminish more quickly due to different market factors.


There is little probability that the seller-tenant may move the lease off-balance sheet and this is due to the long-term lease. The only option for off-balance leasing by now is short-term lease agreements in less than 12 months.


Sometimes specific realty characteristics appear not so ideal and may become an obstacle to the favorable selling cost. In addition, poor conditions on the market can negatively influence the overall sale price picture.

Once both sides are aware of the pros and cons of the commercial NNN leaseback, it is worth reviewing its terms. As practice shows, investors often agree on win-win terms of NNN leasebacks mainly involving such points:

Lasting terms for 10, 15 or 25 years. If both parties strive for shorter periods, it can be possible too.

The gradual rental fee growth by 1-2 percent.

Sublease possibilities for further selling and leasing back.

Does a NNN Leaseback Relate to a Loan type?

People are usually perplexed with the NNN leasing back and its legal affiliation. Actually, it is not a loan kind and can’t be treated like that. Instead, it means financial and realty transactions, including property sales with its successive leasing to the former possessor so that the owner may successfully run their business property-free.

If you are on your way to investing in NNN leaseback, you can find it quite a challenging task. Still, there are many solutions to handle it, and one of them is applying to an expert realty specialist. It will aid not only in property selling but can undoubtedly enable your building to be accessible for further business running there. So, in case you have hesitations yet, don’t waste time and choose NNN leaseback. Give it a shot, and it will stand for the most fruitful investment.

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