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Why Purchase a Triple Net Leased Property?

Are you an investor who’s wondering why you should get excited about NNN properties for sale? A triple net lease, or NNN, is a net lease where the building’s tenant or tenants are responsible for paying maintenance, property insurance, and property tax costs. Along with these three “nets,” tenants also pay a monthly base rent.

5 Great Reasons to Purchase an NNN Property

Triple-net leases generate steady, long-term income with very little work on the part of the investor. You don’t have to be available to take care of the property because the burden of maintenance falls on the tenants. Imagine using your profits to travel and enjoy life instead of being chained down by management responsibilities. Investing in a triple net lease property—or multiple properties—really can provide both stability and freedom. It’s the best of both worlds.

1. Passive Income

Passive income refers to making money with little or no involvement in the investment. Triple nets fit this description perfectly. Yes, you may occasionally need to find a new tenant, but low turnover rates are typical with NNNs. To sweeten the deal even more, tenants often prefer to reconfigure the building and landscape to suit their needs, so your property gets frequent updates at no cost to you.

2. Ease of Financing

Lenders appreciate the stable income generated by NNN properties. This works to an investor’s advantage on both ends. If you need financing to purchase a triple net lease, it is readily available. If you decide to sell the property at some point, potential buyers can find the financing they need to make the purchase.

3. Affordability

Triple net properties are a great way for new investors to leverage a small amount of equity. Properties can start as low as $500,000. That’s less than a single-family home in many areas. Because NNNs are viewed as safe, investors interested in larger assets can usually find the financing needed to structure a deal.

4. Work with High-Quality Tenants

Commercial tenants typically have the support of billion-dollar companies behind them. They are considered stable assets who are willing to sign long-term leases. You may end up doing business with a national fast-food chain or a budget retail outlet with huge brand recognition.

5. High Liquidity

Smart investors love NNN properties. They rarely stay on the market long. If you ever need to sell your triple net or leverage a small property to invest in something bigger, finding a buyer shouldn’t be a problem.

Finding NNN Properties for Sale

With all of the advantages of investing in a triple net leased property, the only thing left to do is find one. But that can be the hard part. Because they are popular with both new and experienced investors and anyone looking for a low-risk opportunity, NNNs can be difficult to locate.

Working with a company like Net Lease World makes finding your first or next triple net investment easier. Having a professional property-finding company on your side will help make sure you don’t miss out on a great investment.

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